MiSFiTMAME is a version a mame (based on MAME0128 ) which  contains games which are not included in the regular release of mame.
Currently included in this release are  arcade rom hacks, gambling games and simulations
MisfitMAME 0.128.B released by Robbbert


Released on March 20, 2011

Andromeda - Fixed dipswitches

Invader's Revenge - Replaced overlay with colour prom

Monaco - added artwork as suggested by Pat_v2.1. He designed
and coded the changes, which worked first go.

Shuttle Invader - Replaced overlay with colour prom
Shuttle Invader - Adjusted visible area

Corrected author name of pmad and newpuck2.

Games Added
Balloon Bomber (with music)
Galaxian New Invasion
Galaga Enduring Freedom
Invaders Revenge (Game World version)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Juggernauts Hack v1.0)


MisfitMAME 0.127.H released by Robbbert

- Added the MAME documents into the docs folder.
- Moved the MisfitMAME documents into the docs folder.
- Added the change history that has survived, into the misnew.txt file.

- Fixed MT bugs 2087 and 2153 - Qbert will now say "Hello I'm turned on"

- Added an extra option in Neogeo video options menu, you can
choose to stretch screen to 272 pixels. This removes the black
border in Puzzled and the cartoon intros.

Games Added

Chip n Dale Intro [Raregame]
Ghostbusters Intro [iq_132, Raregame]
Ironclad [iq_132, JacKc]
Mortal Kombat (LA4 hacked) [Patrick McCarron]
Mortal Kombat Turbo (unprotected) [Patrick McCarron]
Robobcop Intro [Raregame]
Spiderman Intro [Raregame]
Steraranger (bootleg of Moon Cresta) [Softwarethis]
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Zeus hack edition) [Patrick McCarron]

Games Removed

Phoenix Part 2 (moved into MAME)


MisfitMAME 0.127.G released by Robbbert

July 22, 2009

Gatinho has supplied a updated version of Crazy Otto, just the
thing for the friends of Pacman and family.

The Unibios is now supported for all Neogeo (same as MAME).

Games Added

bomber - Bomber (bootleg of Scramble) [**]
dwi - DarkWing Duck Intro [JacKc]
knightsc - Knights of the Round (bootleg) E826 - Not Working (Bad video, bad sound) [Emma]
lupin3a - Lupin 3 [Mame]
nacho - Nacho Libre [Gatinho]
sargex - Sarge Exposed [Gatinho]
tmnti - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro (Neogeo) [JacKc, iq_132]
terracrc - Terra Cresta (alt) [**]

[**] This was donated so long ago, I've forgotten who sent it.
Whoever you are, thank you.

Note: To run "dwi" and "tmnti", you must adjust some settings on the first play.
See the FAQ for more info.


MiSFiTMAME 0.112 Released by JWallace
Please note that there may well still be minor neogeo problems, and at least one game needs a CPU fix, but I can't find out which one it is (it'll report an error when you try to run it).
check the downloads area or forums for the files.


MiSFiTMAME 0.111 Released

Since I'm still on sabbatical some folks have helped out to get this release done

Thanks go out to James Wallace (El Condor) for all his hard work in updating the code and to Mr Do and etbeta

for all their work on adding the additional drivers. These guys are a great help in keeping the project going.

The download page has been updated get the  details from the MiSFiTMAME forums.

*NEW 04/05/05*

MiSFiTMAME WiP Status Page


Special THANKS go out to

etabeta and Mr Do

For their help on this project!


MiSFiTMAME095 Released

This is an under construction release

Pacman driver still being worked on

All multi-games( pacmulti,menu-game,fourplay,etc.) removed until someone can help with the rewrite

Games included in MAME removed

On a good note all MAGE games have been added

Game Total 469

All four builds available in the downloads section

Command Line Versions Fixed


03/30/05 5:00PM est

Downloads  Page

If you have hacks or driver additions send them to


please put "misfitmame" in the subject line


Downloads  Page